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Terms of Service

MarketTru Inc. Plans Terms and Conditions

  • THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT.  BUSINESS OWNER IS FREE TO OPT OUT OF THESE MONTHLY SERVICES AT ANYTIME. AT THAT POINT, WEBSITES, SEO, AND ALL SERVICES WILL BE DISCONTINUED WITHIN 5 DAYS OF NON-PAYMENT.-MarketTru Inc. will allow all clients to have complete control and authority of their domain name.- After this agreement is signed, it will be quickly processed, and card on file will be charged within days of the of signing agreement. At that point in time, development on business owner’s packages will begin. All payments made to MarketTru Inc. are non-refundable.
  • This agreement is considered legally binding and cannot be altered unless agreed upon by both signing parties involved. This paperwork may contain confidential and/or privileged information.
  • Any person other than the business owner or authorized MarketTru  Inc. agent is not privileged to use, copy, disclose, or take any action based on this agreement or any information herein.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Credit Card Payment Terms and Conditions


  • These terms and conditions apply to your participation in making credit card payments through to MarketTru Inc. Please read the following Credit Card Payment Terms and Conditions carefully.
  • Any credit card payment transactions initiated from this MarketTru Inc. Website will be handled by’s web portal.  After you accept these terms and conditions, your card will be charged insatantly for the first full payment of package chosen.  After this the card information provided will be charged on the first or the second day of every month, unless previously cancelled by client and verbally agreed upon by all parties involved. Your disclosure of credit card information to MarketTru Inc. is voluntary. However, if you do not provide this information or if card payment is unsuccessful then the MarketTru Inc. marketing package will never begin.  If you cancel the credit card, or for whatever reason are unable to make the monthly auto-debit MarketTru will cancel entire package.
  • Your credit card information will not be stored on the MarketTru website. To make payments with a different card please MarketTru Inc. at 1-(844)-781-6070

MarketTru Inc. Disclaimer


  •  All packages require a set-up fee of $250, in addition to the first month pro-rated price. A $99 portion of all package prices will be allocated for website development. There are no contracts associated with any MarketTru Inc packages.
  • After websites have been completed and successfully hosted by MarketTru Inc, on and off-page SEO and social media management will be immediately initiated. All clients MUST produce media content, business information, and all other requested materials to MarketTru Inc within 48 hours of initial payment. Website completion will be contingent upon delivery of any and all informational requests made to clients. MarketTru Inc may take up to one month for website production after content is delivered. If extended time beyond one month is necessary, clients will receive 25% off the following monthly payment.
  • MarketTru Inc provides Basic, Standard, Professional, and Executive Packages, which include theme, layout, design, basic website functionality, site hosting, continual maintenance, and on-page SEO. All site changes will be completed for a $45 hourly rate. Any additional site upgrades which require any coding, programming, and/or design will be assessed and an additional pricing estimate will be provided to client. Payment for site changes and/or upgrades must be received by MarketTru Inc before any changes are made.
  • MarketTru Inc clients will have the opportunity to buy their website in its entirety for $1,800 after the 12 consecutive monthly payments of $99 have been successfully processed. If a client does not take advantage of this buyout option before the 13th payment is made, then the website will be unavailable for full purchase until after 42 consecutive $99 payments have been successfully processed.